Created for babies and children who require the most delicate care for their sensitive skin, Little Green provides solution-based hair & body care with the most gentle pH levels comparable to their pre-birth environment. 

After not finding a brand that met standards without causing an allergic reaction on his own family, brand founder, Carmen DePasquale looked to his company’s 45+ year heritage in the professional hair & skin care business and created Little Green, a hypoallergenic and clinically-tested collection that parents can 100% trust as the safest, most delicate brand for use on all skin types at any age, from birth to grown-ups.  

and the body has a reaction (i.e. skin rash).

Little Green was formulated with neutral pH levels. 

As Close To Mother Nature As You Can Bee

Babies spend 9 months in a mother’s womb developing in an environment with a neutral (7) pH level. If the first thing that touches their skin has a higher or lower pH than 7 an imbalance occurs

and the body has a reaction (i.e. skin rash).

Little Green was formulated with neutral pH levels. 

Lice Guard Collection

A preventative system formulated with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to effectively help repel head lice.  Safe for daily use.

Children’s Collection

Solution targeted hair and skin collection. Fun and fruity fragrances are loved by all children alike.

What does Little Green mean? Green products refer to their ultimate effect on the environment. Our ingredients are carefully selected and our packaging is BPA & Phthalate Free and recyclable.

Our commitment is to create and deliver a collection of products that parents can trust, respecting children and the environment they grow up in. All products undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure the highest standard of quality. Delicate ingredients specifically chosen to nourish and protect children’s sensitive skin. Protective formulas designed to mimic the amniotic fluid our little ones develop in long before they enter the world.

Many children’s brands claim to be 100% natural, but labels can be deceiving and many failed to meet the Little Green standard. Our goal is to create products parents can trust. By carefully selecting each ingredient, our products are safe for the environment and protect delicate skin conditions. Little Green has been formulated with skincare grade ingredients which are among the best available. All products undergo strict clinical tests and meet safety standards so parents can trust the claims that are made.

  • ALOE: Heals and moisturizes the skin
  • OAT EXTRACT: Naturally soothes irritated skin
  • LIQUORICE ROOT: Calms inflamed skin

Produkter från Little Green